How to Use Opus Clip AI to Make Short Videos from Long Talking Videos in 2023


With platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels gaining massive popularity, short videos are becoming a trend. However, transforming long footages into short ones can be challenging and time-consuming. Opus Clip AI, powered by artificial intelligence, assists in this process by generating compact videos from lengthy ones.

This blog will guide you on using Opus Clip AI, earning from short videos, choosing the right Opus Clip AI pricing plan, and will give a sneak-peek into its future.

What is Opus Clip AI

Opus Clip AI is a tool employing artificial intelligence to create short videos from long ones. It finds its utility in various areas:

  • Marketing: Generate short videos that market your products or services.
  • Education: Create concise educational videos on diverse topics.
  • Entertainment: Develop short videos for fun, knowledge-sharing, or sparking thought.

How does Opus Clip AI Work

Opus Clip AI first scrutinizes your lengthy video, identifies the key elements, and then crafts a short video emphasizing those parts. It also enhances the video with music, transitions, and other effects for an engaging experience.

How to Use Opus Clip AI to Make Short Videos

Making short videos with Opus Clip AI involves these steps:

  1. Upload your lengthy video to Opus Clip AI.
  2. Specify the duration of the short video you desire.
  3. Let Opus Clip AI create a short video from your lengthy one.
  4. Preview the short video and make necessary adjustments.
  5. When satisfied, download or share the video online.

Earning Money by Making Short Videos on Social Media

  • YouTube Shorts: YouTube Shorts is a recent addition to YouTube’s features, letting users create and share brief videos. If you’ve built up a considerable number of followers on YouTube, you can earn money from your Shorts videos through the YouTube Partner Program.
  • TikTok: TikTok is a widely used social media platform enabling users to create and share succinct videos. If you’ve amassed a significant TikTok following, you can generate income from your videos through brand partnerships, live streams, or merchandise sales.
  • Instagram Reels: Instagram Reels, a feature on Instagram, allows users to produce and share brief videos. If you have a sizable Instagram following, you can monetize your Reels videos through partnerships with brands or selling merchandise.
  • Kwai: Kwai is a social media platform offering users the ability to make and share short videos. If you’ve cultivated a large following on Kwai, you can profit from your videos via brand partnerships or merchandise sales.

How to Choose an Opus Clip AI Pricing Plan

Opus Clip AI offers multiple pricing plans, starting with a basic free plan with limited features. The paid plans start from $10/month and offer additional features like creating longer short videos and exporting videos in high quality.

Best 5 Alternatives to Opus Clip AI

Some popular alternatives to Opus Clip AI include:

  • Clipping Magic: A web tool for creating short videos from long ones.
  • Kapwing: A web tool with features to add text, images, and music to your videos.
  • InVideo: A desktop app offering motion graphics and animation for your videos.
  • Quik: A mobile app providing music, filters, and text for your videos.
  • Splice: Another mobile app enabling music, transitions, and effects for your videos.

How Long does it Take to Make a Short Video in Opus Clip AI

The time required varies with the length of your original video and the features you want to add. However, typically, it takes around 10-15 minutes.

Tips for using Opus Clip AI to make short videos

Here are some suggestions:

  • Start with a clear goal: What do you intend to achieve with your short video?
  • Use high-quality audio and video: This can significantly impact your video’s quality.
  • Keep it brief: Due to short attention spans, keep your videos concise.
  • Use engaging visuals: The visual content should grab attention.
  • Add music and sound effects: This can enhance your video’s interest factor.
  • Use text and captions: This can clarify your points and make the video accessible to those with hearing difficulties.
  • Promote your videos: Share your videos on social media, your website, or other channels for visibility.

The future of Opus Clip AI

Though a recent introduction, Opus Clip AI has the potential to redefine short video creation. With continuous improvements, it will become more efficient and easy to use, enabling more users to create engaging, informative, and innovative videos.


Opus Clip AI is a robust tool for transforming long videos into engaging, short ones. If you aim to create informative and captivating short videos, Opus Clip AI is an excellent choice.

FAQs: How to Use Opus Clip AI

What is Opus Clip AI?

Opus Clip AI is an artificial intelligence-based tool that creates short, engaging videos from longer ones, useful in marketing, education, and entertainment.

How does Opus Clip AI work?

Opus Clip AI analyzes your long video, identifies key elements, and crafts a short video emphasizing these parts, enhanced with music, transitions, and effects.

How can I monetize short videos on social media platforms?

Platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Kwai allow users with a significant following to earn money through features like the YouTube Partner Program, brand partnerships, and merchandise sales.

What are the pricing plans for Opus Clip AI?

Opus Clip AI offers multiple pricing plans, including a basic free plan and paid plans starting from $10/month that provide additional features.

What are some alternatives to Opus Clip AI?

Alternatives to Opus Clip AI include Clipping Magic, Kapwing, InVideo, Quik, and Splice – all providing various features for short video creation.

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