What is TikTok Slushie Trend & Is It Good TikTok Trend?

By WaiP

The TikTok slushie craze has taken the internet by storm, featuring people splashing slushies on their trucks to the beat of “Bag Season.”

This new trend is not just about showing off trucks but also about grabbing social media attention. It started with modified trucks but quickly spread to all types of vehicles, highlighting a unique mix of fun and flair.

What’s the TikTok Slushie Craze?

The TikTok slushie craze is a trend where people, especially those who own trucks, buy slushies from convenience stores and then splash them onto their trucks.

This is typically done while the song “Bag Season” by Jay Lewis featuring Da Real Gee Money plays in the background. Those who participate in this trend use it as an opportunity to show off their truck’s special features like rims, tires, and other custom details.

Originally, it was something only done by people with modified trucks, also known as “Bubba Trucks,” but now, all kinds of vehicle owners are getting in on the fun. The whole point of splashing the slushie seems to be just to grab attention and highlight their trucks on social media.

How It Started and Gained Popularity

This trend began early in 2024, with the first video of someone buying a slushie and flaunting their truck appearing on TikTok on January 8th.

The actual slushie-splashing act, aimed at getting viral attention, was captured on January 18th, 2024, by a different user. That video quickly exploded in popularity, receiving millions of views and inspiring countless others to do the same.

This slushie splashing became an instant hit on TikTok, with many adding their own twists, like revealing the random items in their cars or choosing specific slushie colors for their videos.

Mixed Feelings and Meanings

The reaction to this slushie trend has been a mixed bag. Some people are left scratching their heads, wondering why anyone would do this, while others find it amusing and a cool way to connect with other truck enthusiasts.

As the trend picked up steam, it sparked debates about what it all means. Some think it’s a way to show that their trucks are used for tough, real-world stuff, not just for show.

Meanwhile, convenience stores have been less than thrilled, asking folks not to throw slushies around since it leaves a mess for their staff to clean up.

Is This Trend Cool or Not?

Whether you think the TikTok slushie trend is cool depends on how you look at it. For those into trucks, it’s a fun, quirky way to bond over their vehicles and enjoy some social media fame.

However, it’s also been called out for being wasteful and leaving behind a mess for others. This trend highlights how social media can make even the most random acts go viral, mixing creativity and community spirit with questions about the impact and sensibility of these online fads.

The TikTok slushie craze reflects the platform’s power to turn simple, even bizarre actions into major trends. It shows off the playful side of social media, where fun often trumps practicality, yet it also prompts a look at the effects these trends have beyond the screen.


The TikTok slushie trend exemplifies the whimsical nature of internet fads, blending the love for vehicles with the quest for viral fame.

While it showcases creativity and community among truck enthusiasts, it also raises questions about wastefulness and cleanliness. This craze underscores the power of social media to transform simple acts into widespread phenomena, reflecting the dual sides of online trends—innovative yet sometimes impractical.

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