How to Use Collov AI to Make Awesome Interior Designs

By WaiP

Interior design can be an overwhelming and expensive process. Finding the right furniture, colors, and decor while envisioning how it will all come together in a space is challenging.

This is where Collov AI comes in – the innovative AI-powered interior design platform that simplifies and enhances the design experience.

In this guide, we will explore how to use Collov AI to create stunning interior designs easily, along with an overview of its standout features and pricing options.

What is Collov AI

Collov AI is an interior design platform that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to streamline the design process. It aims to make interior design more accessible and efficient for everyone, from homeowners to professional designers.

With CollovAI, users can effortlessly visualization design ideas, explore various styles, and view photorealistic renderings of their spaces. The AI takes care of the heavy lifting when it comes to generating designs, providing ample creative inspiration, and realistic visualization.

Below we’ll explore step-by-step how to use Collov AI to design your dream home along with an overview of some of its standout features that make the design process intuitive and efficient.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using Collov AI

Collov AI Design

Designing spaces with Collov AI is straightforward and can be done in a few simple steps:

1. Upload Photos of the Room

Start by uploading quality photos of the room you want to redesign. Capture all angles and dimensions to allow Collov AI to understand the physical space.

2. Configure the Room Details

Provide details like room type (bedroom, living room etc), dimensions, current furniture pieces to retain, and overall preferred style.

3. Let CollovAI Generate Design Ideas

Collov AI will process the room images and details provided to automatically generate various photorealistic 3D design renderings.

4. Browse and Customize the AI Designs

Review the AI-generated designs and choose your favorite to customize further. Switch out furnishings, paint colors, flooring and add your own unique touches.

5. Shop Pieces from the Finalized Design

Once finalized, you can seamlessly shop all the furniture, decor and accessories from your design from Collov AI’s vast product inventory.

And that’s it! With real-time rendering and powerful AI doing the heavy lifting, CollovAI makes it simple for anyone to ideate, design and execute their dream interior design.

Key Features and Tools of Collov AI

Collov AI Dashboard

What sets CollovAI apart is its specialized set of features that enhance and simplify the interior design process.

1. AI-Powered Design Generation

At its core, CollovAI utilizes advanced generative AI to instantly produce various photorealistic 3D renderings of your space based on your room details and style preferences. It provides inspiration when you need it.

2. Customizable Furnishings and Decor

Easily mix and match furnishing styles, paint colors, flooring options and decor selections to customize designs to your liking. The platform’s vast digital inventory makes finding pieces you love effortless.

3. Realistic Materials and Lighting

Materials, textures, shadows, and lighting are all rendered realistically so you can accurately visualize your design before purchasing anything.

4. Interactive Estimated Costs

As you customize your design, Collov AI provides live estimated costs so you can stay within your budget. Easily make edits to hit your budget goals.

5. Seamless Shopping Experience

Seamlessly purchase all the furniture, lighting, decor and accessories from your final design through Collov AI’s partnerships with hundreds of major retailers.

6. Additional Support Features

Other handy features include measurement scaling, collaborator design sharing, sunlight simulation, 3D walkthroughs, mood boards, design idea ratings and more.

With its emphasis on AI-generation, customization, realistic visualization, and a streamlined shopping experience, Collov AI provides an end-to-end interior design platform that delivers results like no other service.

Collov AI Pricing and Plans

CollovAI offers three flexible pricing plans depending on your needs:

Free Plan

The free plan provides limited access to Collov AI’s features to test it out, with 5 credits provided per month. It’s ideal for small room redesigns.

Each credit can be used to redeem one of the following:

  • 1 AI-generated design idea
  • 2 hours of access to the Customizer tool
  • 5 furniture/decor item changes
  • 1 room plan measurement

Pro Plan

($9 – $99/month)

The Pro plan provides more extensive access to Collov AI’s capabilities starting at $9/month for 198 credits up to $99/month for unlimited credits.

Each credit can be used for services like:

  • AI design generation
  • Home redesign service
  • Partial room modification
  • Chat with the Collov Designer for personalized advice

Pro plans are great for homeowners looking to redesign rooms or experiment with multiple designs.

Enterprise Plan

(Custom Pricing)

For business needs, Collov AI offers flexible custom enterprise pricing plans that include:

  • API access and customized AI learning
  • Generation of unlimited AI design images
  • Usage across multiple properties
  • Dedicated customer support

The enterprise plan is ideal for interior design firms, furniture brands, construction companies, real estate firms and other businesses wanting to leverage Collov AI’s API and AI capabilities.

Pricing Criteria

Collov AI bases its pricing on:

  • Number of credits needed
  • Number of room designs required
  • Extent of design customization
  • Integration and API needs
  • Number of team members requiring access

Pricing is flexible, transparent, and scaled according to your business needs.


Collov AI has the potential to revolutionize interior design through its innovative use of AI, ease of use, and complete end-to-end design capabilities.

By uploading room images, customizing AI-generated designs, and seamlessly shopping pieces, CollovAI makes it possible for anyone to execute beautiful, realistic interior designs.

Collov AI reduces the complexity, costs, and frustrations associated with interior design. If you’re looking to refresh your home or expand your design business, Collov AI’s innovative platform is worth exploring.

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