Best 7 AI Hair Stylers & How to Use


Choosing a new hairstyle can be difficult. However, AI Hair Style, a groundbreaking technology that uses artificial intelligence to simulate how different hairstyles would look on you without stepping into a salon, can make this task easier.

There are many AI hair styling tools available, so finding one that fits your needs is not a problem.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using AI Hair Style, the process of using it online for free, and share valuable tips for obtaining the best results.

What is AI Hair Style?

AI hair style refers to a technological innovation that employs artificial intelligence to analyze a user’s photo and generate realistic images showcasing the user with various hairstyles.

This powerful tool first identifies the unique features of your hair, such as length, color, and texture. Using this information, it generates images demonstrating how your hair would appear with different styles.

The Benefits of AI Hair Style: Why Should You Use It?

There are numerous reasons to consider using AI hair style technology, including:

  • Experimentation without Commitment: AI hair style allows you to try various hairstyles without the risk of an unwanted haircut. If you’re uncertain about which hairstyle to choose, this tool provides the perfect platform to explore your options.
  • Professional Results: AI hair style delivers professional-quality results, showcasing hairstyles that you may struggle to achieve without a stylist.
  • Saving Time and Money: If you frequently change your hairstyle, using AI hair style can save you considerable time and money spent on numerous salon visits.

How to Use AI Hair Style Online Free

AI Hair Styler
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Sure, here are the 5 steps to use AI Hair Style Online for Free in paragraph format:

  1. Find a reliable AI hairstyle changer app or website. There are many options available, so take your time to explore and find one that suits your preferences best.
  2. Snap a photo or upload one. You can use your device’s camera or upload a clear picture of yourself. Make sure the image captures your face well.
  3. Play with virtual hairstyles. Use the AI hairstyle changer’s intuitive interface to apply various virtual hairstyles to your photo. The tool will automatically detect your facial features and accurately place the hairstyles. Feel free to experiment with different lengths, colors, and styles.
  4. Fine-tune the look. Take advantage of the adjustment options available to ensure the virtual hairstyles fit perfectly with your face shape and size. Most AI hairstyle changers allow you to tweak the hairstyle’s position, size, and angle.
  5. Experiment and compare. Once you have several virtual hairstyles to choose from, compare them side by side. Take a moment to evaluate how each one complements your facial features and overall appearance. Don’t hesitate to try out a mix of classic and trendy looks.

Once you have found the perfect hairstyle, you can save it or share it with your friends and family to get their opinions. You can also use the hairstyle as a reference when you go to the salon.

There are several AI hair style apps and websites available for free. Some of the most popular choices include:

Style My Hair

This app by L’Oreal Professionnel uses AI to give users a taste of an augmented reality hair makeover. You can virtually try out various hairstyles and see how they look on you before making any changes.

Salon Styler

A web-based platform that allows you to try various hairstyles with your photos.

Virtual Hairstyle Simulator

This app by Perfect Corp is super fast and can switch between different hairstyles in just a few seconds. It’s perfect for trying out new looks without any hassle.

Hairstyle Al

This app utilizes AI technology to generate a wide array of hairstyles. It’s suitable for both men and women, helping users find the perfect hairstyle that suits them best, all in a virtual setting.

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup and Perfect Corp Hairstyle AI are both AI-powered hair styling apps that allow users to try on different hairstyles and hair colors virtually. They are both available for iOS and Android devices.

YouCam Makeup is a more comprehensive beauty app that also offers features for trying on makeup, eyewear, and accessories. It has a wider variety of hairstyles to choose from, including long, short, curly, and straight styles. You can also adjust the color and style of your hair, as well as the length and thickness of your hair.

Perfect Corp Hairstyle AI

Perfect Corp Hairstyle AI is a more specialized hair styling app that only offers features for trying on different hairstyles. It has a smaller variety of hairstyles to choose from, but the hairstyles are more realistic and up-to-date. You can also adjust the color and style of your hair, as well as the length and thickness of your hair.

To use AI hair style online for free, choose an app or website that suits your preference and follow the given instructions. Most platforms require you to upload a clear, high-resolution photo of yourself. After uploading, you can choose a hairstyle you wish to try. The platform will then generate a new image, showing you with the selected hairstyle.

Maximizing the Benefits of AI Hair Style

To ensure optimal results when using AI hair style, consider the following tips:

  • Utilize a High-Quality Photo: A clearer and high-resolution photo of yourself leads to better results.
  • Specify Your Preferred Hairstyle: Being specific about the hairstyle you want to try helps the tool to better understand your preference.
  • Experiment with Different Settings: Most platforms provide various settings you can adjust to fine-tune the results.

FAQs: How to Use AI Hair Styler

  1. What is AI Hair Style?

    AI Hair Style is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to simulate different hairstyles on a user’s photo, providing a platform to explore various hairstyle options without the need for a salon visit.

  2. Why should I use AI Hair Style?

    AI Hair Style offers the benefits of experimentation without commitment, delivers professional-quality results, and saves time and money spent on salon visits.

  3. How can I use AI Hair Style online for free?

    To use AI Hair Style online for free, find a reliable app or website, snap or upload a photo, apply virtual hairstyles, fine-tune the look, and experiment and compare different hairstyles to find the perfect one.

  4. What are some popular AI hairstyling apps in 2024?

    Some popular AI hairstyling apps include Style My Hair by L’Oreal Professionnel, Salon Styler, Virtual Hairstyle Simulator by Perfect Corp, and Hairstyle AI. These apps offer virtual hairstyling experiences and help users find their ideal hairstyles.

  5. How can I maximize the benefits of AI Hair Style?

    To maximize the benefits of AI Hair Style, utilize a high-quality photo, specify your preferred hairstyle, and experiment with different settings available on the platform to fine-tune the results.


AI Hair Style technology revolutionizes the way we choose our hairstyles, enabling risk-free experimentation and discovery of new looks.

Given the wide range of available AI hair style apps and websites, you can effortlessly find a platform that aligns with your needs.

By following the simple steps and tips outlined in this guide, you can leverage AI hair style technology to its full potential, enabling you to explore various hairstyles and ultimately discover the perfect look that complements your style.

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