How to Play Coin Master Game & Collect Rewards


Coin Master is a popular mobile game with over 100 million downloads where players spin a slot machine to win coins, attacks, raids, and shields.

The goal is to build and upgrade an epic Viking village by collecting resources and stealing them from other villages.

At its heart, it’s a social game where you can attack friends and strangers to steal their coins and other resources. Mastering Coin Master takes strategy, luck, and constant engagement.

Gameplay centers around a virtual slot machine. Matching two or more icons on the slots earns you spins, coins, attacks, raids, shields or even new villagers.

Coins are the main resource, which you use to build and upgrade structures in your village.

Attacks and raids let you steal coins and other resources from other villages. Shields help protect your village from attacks.

Upgrading your village unlocks new slots on the machine with greater rewards. Completing card sets also gives big bonuses.

You’ll need to check back often to build your stock of spins and coins, upgrade buildings, and defend against attacks. Playing daily and cultivating an active friends list is key to advancing quickly.

Winning Coins and Spins

The slot machine determines everything you can accomplish in Coin Master. Learn its symbols inside and out to maximize wins.

Coins are the most common symbol. Amass as many as possible, shooting for jackpots by betting higher amounts when you have over 10 million coins.

Swords give you attacks to raid other villages. Pigs grant raids to steal resources. Hammers let you attack and destroy buildings.

Dynamite blows up villages completely while golden helmets shield you from attacks.

Energy symbols give free spins, which you should use right away for more chances to win resources. Golden card icons award new village cards to complete sets for big bonuses.

Always take advantage of events and daily rewards for more spins. Connect on social channels for gifts and loyalty bonuses.

Above all, bet big when you have plenty of coins to take more risks in pursuit of greater rewards.

Building and Upgrading Your Village

Coins let you build new structures and upgrade existing ones in your growing Viking village. Expand and upgrade often early on. Focus only on necessities later.

Build resource generating structures first—piggy banks, coin vaults and coin mines. Upgrade these structures in phases to increase storage and output.

The main hall unlocks additional village slots with more potential for earning income. Max these out before upgrading less vital buildings.

Prioritize defensive buildings like guard towers and traps when you have lots of coins to steal. Leave cosmetic buildings like houses until the end.

Grade buildings according to bonus multipliers in the village menu. Target upgrades efficiently for the greatest payoff with limited coins.

Raiding, Attacking and Trading

The social element makes Coin Master tremendously addictive. Smartly attacking, raiding and trading with friends can accelerate your village growth.

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Attacking lets you steal a percentage of coins. Lower level villages make easier targets early on.

Raiding with pigs takes resources and destroys buildings. Focus attacks on those who have raided you already for revenge.

Be selective when attacking. Indiscriminate assaults can overwhelm your village with counterattacks. Partner up with allies instead.

Trading cards helps complete sets for big rewards. Gift friends daily and participate in trading groups to exchange duplicates.

Social play drives competition and advancement. Stay involved by revenging attacks, building alliances and interacting regularly.

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Collecting Cards and Completing Sets

Collecting card sets releases epic boosts for coins, attacks, spins and more. It’s integral for progression.

Standard card packs distribute cards randomly. Keep collecting daily packs to build out your collection.

Events regularly award rare cards. Play events religiously through completion to claim the best cards.

Maximize trades by swapping duplicate cards with friends missing ones you have. Search Facebook trading groups to find mutual trades.

Target viable sets missing only a few cards. Buy missed cards in the shop if you have enough coins. This guarantees completing valuable sets.

Card sets offer coveted rewards that accelerate growth. Make completing them an ongoing priority as you play to excel.

Stay active in Coin Master for a fun, social and rewarding mobile gaming experience as you build village wealth, battle friends and collect cards for big bonuses. Keep spinning for a shot at jackpot wins!

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