ChatGPT Plus Not Working: Reasons & How to Fix


ChatGPT Plus is an upgraded version of the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI. It offers additional features like faster response times, priority access during high traffic periods, and more advanced capabilities.

However, some users have reported issues with ChatGPT Plus not working properly or being inaccessible.

This guide will discuss potential reasons for ChatGPT Plus Not Working and provide troubleshooting steps to try fixing them. Read on to resolve any difficulties with the premium ChatGPT Plus service.

What is ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus is a paid subscription tier of ChatGPT launched in February 2023. It builds upon the standard free ChatGPT model by providing:

  • Faster response times – Plus users get priority access which means fewer delays and wait times during periods of high traffic. Responses are nearly instantaneous.
  • Increased quota – The free ChatGPT has a limited number of conversations per day whereas Plus has an unlimited quota. You can chat with Plus as much as you want.
  • Improved capabilities – Plus uses a more advanced underlying AI model, so it can understand context better and have more natural, human-like conversations. The skills and knowledge are more advanced compared to free ChatGPT.
  • Early access to new features – Paying Plus subscribers get early access to test new conversation styles, capabilities, and improvements before other users.
  • Ad-free experience – No bothersome ads are displayed when using the Plus interface.

It is OpenAI’s premium offering for power users who want maximum functionality from ChatGPT with minimum limitations.

However, some users have encountered issues getting ChatGPT Plus to work properly.

7 Reasons for Why ChatGPT Plus Not Working

If you are struggling with getting ChatGPT Plus to function as expected, there are a few common reasons why it may not be working:

Payment Problem

One obvious issue is an error or problem with your ChatGPT Plus payment and subscription activation. Maybe your payment didn’t go through properly or there was an error starting your Plus membership. Check your subscription status in your account settings to confirm it is active.

Server and Traffic Overload

With so many new users flocking to ChatGPT, the servers often get overloaded, leading to outages and slow response times. This impacts paying Plus users along with free users. Periods of exceptionally high traffic can degrade performance.

Internet Connectivity Issues

Problems with your own internet connection can also prevent seamlessly accessing ChatGPT Plus, whether it’s weak WiFi, network outages, or other connectivity problems. Difficulty establishing and maintaining a stable internet connection will cause issues.5

Many users access ChatGPT Plus through third-party apps and browsers. But issues with the app itself or browser incompatibility can block proper loading and usage of ChatGPT Plus. Try switching apps or browsers if this occurs.

Cookies and Cache Problems

Over time, excess cookies, cache, and other accumulated browser data can slow down ChatGPT Plus loading and performance. Clearing this excess data from your browser may help fix some problems.

Restricted Region

ChatGPT Plus has geographical restrictions in certain countries and regions. If you are traveling or using a VPN that switches your virtual location, that can sometimes restrict full access.

Banned API Keys

Using unauthorized third-party apps with banned API keys can cause account restrictions that block ChatGPT Plus access. Use only official ChatGPT approved applications.

If ChatGPT Plus is not working for you, systematically work through these common issues to identify and resolve the problem.

How to Fix ChatGPT Plus Not Working: 8 Methods

If you are experiencing any issues with accessing or using ChatGPT Plus properly, there are a number of troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Check Subscription Status

First, log into your ChatGPT account and go to subscription settings to confirm your Plus membership is active and properly configured. If it lapsed or is disabled, renew/reactivate it.

  1. Try Different Networks and Connections

Problems with your own internet connectivity can prevent ChatGPT Plus from functioning smoothly. Try switching WiFi networks, turning off WiFi and using mobile data, restarting router, or accessing from different locations to isolate connection issues.

  1. Use Incognito or Guest Mode Browser Windows

Open an incognito or guest browser window and attempt accessing ChatGPT Plus there. This eliminates any browsing data or cache conflicts affecting the main browser.

  1. Clear Browser Cookies, Cache, and Data

In your main browser, clear out excess cookies, browsing cache, site data, and files. Too much accumulated junk slows performance and can cause conflicts.

  1. Update Browsers and Apps

Make sure any browsers, apps, plugins, or OS used to access ChatGPT Plus are updated to the latest versions. Older outdated software can cause conflicts.

  1. Try Different Browsers and Devices

Test ChatGPT Plus on alternate web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge to isolate any browser-specific problems. Also attempt different devices like mobile, tablets, or computers in case an issue is device-specific.

  1. Use VPNs and Check Restrictions

If traveling or located in a region with restrictions, use trusted VPN services to switch virtual location and lift any geographical blocks.

  1. Contact Customer Support

If no DIY troubleshooting fixes the issue, contact ChatGPT Plus customer support for additional help and to report any persistent problems needing investigation.

Taking a systematic approach and testing each of these solutions should help identify and resolve the root cause of most common ChatGPT Plus problems. Be sure to also check for any ChatGPT service status notifications on the official social channels for known outage periods. With some dedicated troubleshooting, you will be back to accessing all the premium capabilities ChatGPT Plus has to offer.

How to Avoid ChatGPT Plus Not Working Issue in Future

Once you have managed to fix any immediate issues with ChatGPT Plus access, you likely want to avoid recurring problems in the future. Here are some proactive tips to prevent ChatGPT Plus from malfunctioning again:

  • Maintain a stable, high-speed internet connection using ethernet vs WiFi when possible. This minimizes connectivity problems.
  • Routinely clear browser data like cookies, caches, and site files which accumulate over time and slow performance.
  • Keep all software up-to-date, including browsers, device OS, VPNs, graphics drivers, etc. Update quickly when new versions release.
  • Use reputable and properly configured VPN services if circumventing geographic restrictions. Research reliable providers.
  • Only use trusted apps approved by OpenAI and avoid third-party app ban risks.
  • Set billing reminders so you never accidentally allow a Plus subscription to expire unless desired.
  • Periodically restart devices and modems/routers to flush DNS issues or server connection problems.
  • Check for ChatGPT status updates during high traffic periods where temporary service degradation is possible for all users.
  • Contact support pre-emptively for guidance if you will be traveling or need troubleshooting advice.

Following best practices for stable connections, up-to-date software, billing vigilance, and proactive support will go a long way towards preventing future instances of ChatGPT Plus not working properly.

How much ChatGPT Plus Cost

ChatGPT Plus is currently priced at $20 per month for an individual monthly subscription.

Some key points about ChatGPT Plus pricing:

  • No long term contract is required and you can cancel anytime.
  • It is currently only available direct through ChatGPT site, not third-party apps.
  • The $20 per month is automatically billed each period unless canceled.
  • 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee is offered for refunds.
  • Pricing is subject to change in the future as the service expands.

The ChatGPT Plus upgrade delivers immediate response times, unlimited usage, and maximum capabilties for serious power users and businesses. While the pricing is a premium over free ChatGPT, for many the boost in performance and additional features justify the monthly expense.


ChatGPT Plus offers faster performance, unlimited usage, and advanced capabilities. However, even this premium service can occasionally suffer outages or glitches preventing access. By troubleshooting issues like account problems, network connectivity, browser conflicts, and app bugs, you can get ChatGPT Plus working again. Follow best practices as well to minimize future disruption.

While frustrating when problems arise, ChatGPT Plus remains extremely useful when functioning properly. The small monthly fee provides significant upgrades over free ChatGPT. By methodically checking possible issues and contacting support if needed, you can get back to enjoying everything this revolutionary AI has to offer.

FAQs: ChatGPT Plus Not Working

  1. ChatGPT Plus is an upgraded subscription of ChatGPT, offering faster responses, priority during high traffic, advanced capabilities, and an ad-free experience for $20/month.

  2. Reasons include payment issues, server overloads, internet connectivity problems, third-party app/browser incompatibilities, regional restrictions, and banned API keys.

  3. Check subscription status, switch networks, use incognito mode, clear browser data, update software, switch devices/browsers, use VPNs, and contact customer support.

  4. Ensure stable internet, regularly clear browser data, keep software updated, use approved apps, manage billing, restart devices, and monitor ChatGPT status updates.
  5. How much does ChatGPT Plus cost?
    ChatGPT Plus is priced at $20 per month, with no long-term contract, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and billing done automatically unless canceled.
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