How to Generate AI Images With Midjourney Alpha Simply

Midjourney has exploded in popularity as one of the leading AI image generation systems. But up until now, it has been accessible only through Discord. With Midjourney Alpha, users can now create AI art directly on the web with an intuitive interface.

Midjourney use cutting-edge deep learning models to generate photographic images from text prompts. It has opened up incredible creative possibilities for artists, designers, and anyone who can dream up ideas they want to visualize.

Initially, Midjourney was only available through its Discord server. Users have to use specific bot commands and syntax to generate images. This created a barrier to entry for less tech-savvy users.


Midjourney Alpha changes this by providing a dedicated web platform for AI image generation with a simplified user experience. Some key benefits include:

  • Clean intuitive interface instead of Discord bot commands
  • Real-time image generation with easy prompt and parameter tweaking
  • Handy features like upscaling, described image prompts, and prompt history
  • Streamlined image management and organization

In the rest of this guide, we’ll explore step-by-step how to use Midjourney Alpha to create stunning AI art online with ease.

Accessing Midjourney Alpha

Midjourney Alpha is currently in limited beta and accessible only to existing Midjourney users with over 10,000 image generations.

To access it:

  1. Join Midjourney on Discord if you haven’t already and generate 10,000+ images.
  2. Once you’ve hit the threshold, visit Midjourney Alpha and log in with Discord.
  3. You’ll immediately be able to start creating images online!

While currently limited, plans are underway to gradually open up Midjourney Alpha to all users in the future.

Creating Prompts on Midjourney Alpha

Midjourney creates images from text prompts. On Alpha, crafting prompts is simple:

  1. Type your prompt into the text field at the top.
  2. You can use natural language, no need for special syntax.
  3. Press enter to generate 4 image variations.

Some prompt tips:

  • Use clear descriptive language and strong visual cues.
  • Specify details like style, lighting, mood, colors, etc.
  • Reference specific artists or genres for aesthetic emulation.
  • Add “cinematic atmosphere” or “award-winning photograph” for enhanced realism.

Spend time crafting the perfect prompt wording to achieve your desired results.

Adjusting Image Parameters

Beyond textual prompts, you can fine-tune Midjourney Alpha’s outputs with visual parameters:

  1. Click the slider icon next to the prompt box.
  2. Adjust image size, stylization strength, weirdness level, and model.
  3. The parameters menu also shows advanced settings like CFG scale.
  4. You can paste settings like: --ar 9:16 --s 1000 --q 2 directly into your prompt.

Experiment with parameters to steer the image aesthetics and quality.

Using the “Describe” Feature

Midjourney Alpha features a “Describe” tool to turn images into text prompts:

  1. Click the “+” button and upload an image.
  2. Hover over it and click the “i” icon.
  3. Midjourney will analyze the image and generate a text description.
  4. Copy this text into the prompt bar to create variations.

The Describe feature lets you recursively build upon images by converting them back into prompts for further tweaking.

Additional Capabilities

Beyond image generation, Midjourney Alpha provides handy additional features:

  • Upscaling – Enhance image resolution using AI upscaling.
  • Downloading – Save images as PNG files or SVG vector art.
  • Organization – Tag and organize your creations into collections.
  • Prompt History – Reuse and build upon past prompts.
  • Sharing – Seamlessly share your AI art on social media.

These expanded capabilities make Midjourney Alpha a more robust creative environment compared to the Discord experience.

Optimizing Your Prompts

As with any AI system, learning prompt engineering is key to getting the most out of Midjourney Alpha.

Here are some tips for prompt optimization:

  • Use detailed descriptions with visual cues and context.
  • Iterate on styles, lighting, ambiance for desired mood.
  • Specify composition, angle, pallete, and other photographic parameters.
  • Referencing analogous images helps Midjourney infer what you’re aiming for.
  • Ask for revisions and branching variations to expand possibilities.
  • Favor simple backgrounds over complex scenes as a starting point.

Prompt writing is an artform Midjourney Alpha empowers you to master through easy experimentation.


Midjourney Alpha removes the friction from AI image creation by providing a straightforward web interface anyone can use. No complex Discord commands needed. With its rich features and intuitive controls, Midjourney Alpha expands creative possibilities for users at all skill levels.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what Midjourney Alpha makes possible here. The best way to experience it is to simply give it a try yourself. Learn through hands-on experimentation and let your imagination run wild.

Midjourney Alpha represents an evolution in making AI image generation more accessible while retaining state-of-the-art quality. We can’t wait to see what creative marvels will be brought to life as more users harness its potential.

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