How to Use Doctrina AI Exam Generator for Exam preparation

Doctrina AI is an e-learning platform that use AI to assist students and teachers. Its Exam Generator tool creates customized practice exams and test questions using advanced natural language processing.

For students, the Exam Generator delivers personalized tests based on your needs and study materials. This allows for more targeted exam prep saving time and effort.

For teachers, it enables automating the exam creation process helping save hours of manual work. The AI algorithm handles turning topics, textbooks, or notes into comprehensive tests tailored to your curriculum requirements.

Let’s look at step-by-step how to use the Exam Generator, its standout features, pricing options, and how it can benefit both students and educators.

How to Use Doctrina AI Exam Generator

Here is a walkthrough of the key steps involved in using Doctrina’s Exam Generator:

Step 1: Sign Up and Login

First, go to Doctrina’s website and sign up for a free account. Once registered, log into your account.

Step 2: Access the Exam Generator

From your dashboard, click on “Exam Generator” to access the exam creation tool.

Step 3: Configure Settings

Configure exam settings like number of questions, topics, difficulty level, exam duration, and question types.

Step 4: Provide Study Materials

Upload textbooks, notes, summaries or enter topics for the AI to generate questions from.

Step 5: Generate Exam

Click “Generate Exam” and Doctrina will automatically create a practice test tailored to your requirements.

Step 6: Preview and Edit

Preview the generated exam and edit or tweak the questions if needed before exporting.

And you have a fully customized exam paper! Doctrina’s AI handles turning your study materials into well-formed, curriculum-aligned tests.

Why Students Need Doctrina AI Exam Generator

For students, Doctrina’s Exam Generator offers multiple benefits:

1. Personalized Practice Tests: Get unlimited unique practice questions based on your study notes and textbooks for more focused exam preparation.

2. Time Savings: The AI generates exams in minutes versus hours of manually creating practice tests.

3. Improved Memory and Retention: Varying questions on the same topics helps improve recall and retention.

4. Reduces Test Anxiety: The ability to take unlimited practice tests helps reduce exam-related stress and anxiety.

5. Feedback on Preparedness: The practice tests provide feedback on your grasp of concepts and preparedness.

6. Works Offline: You can generate tests without an internet connection for uninterrupted practice.

Doctrina’s Exam Generator gives students an efficient, personalized testing platform to excel in exams.

Why Teachers Need Doctrina’s Exam Generator

For teachers and academics, benefits include:

  • Automates Exam Creation: Saves hours of manually crafting exam papers every term and for multiple classes.
  • Consistent Quality and Difficulty: AI ensures standardised test quality, scope, and difficulty levels across exam batches.
  • Custom Exams for Each Topic: Easily create focused topic-specific exams from syllabus coverage.
  • Unlimited Unique Exam Papers: Generate an endless bank of unique exams to prevent cheating.
  • Adds Variety: Inject variety into exam papers from term to term.
  • Works Offline: Teachers can use it without internet access.

Doctrina Exam Generator equips teachers with an automatic exam creation assistant for improved productivity.

Key Features of Doctrina AI Exam Generator

Doctrina AI Exam Generator comes packed with useful features:

  • Flexible Exam Formats – Generate various exam formats like multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true/false, match the following, and descriptive answers.
  • Content Inputs – Create exams from textbooks, notes, summaries, or by simply entering topics.
  • Customizable Settings – Controls for number of questions, exam length, question types, difficulty level, subjects, topics, and more.
  • Scoring and Analytics – Automatically scores the exam as students take it and provides analytics on performance.
  • Downloadable PDFs – Generated exams can be downloaded as a PDF to print out.
  • Answer Shuffling – Randomizes answer choices to prevent cheating.
  • References Attached – Includes textbook references for each exam question generated.
  • Mobile Access – Take or generate exams on-the-go from the Doctrina AI mobile app.

These well-rounded capabilities make Doctrina AI a versatile exam creation platform for both students and educators.

Doctrina AI Pricing and Plans

Doctrina offers a free plan with limited access and paid plans unlocking full capabilities:

Free Plan

  • Access to general study tools and content.
  • Limited questions per month from Exam Generator.

Pro Plan – $9 per month

  • Unlimited exam questions generated.
  • All study tools unlocked.
  • Additional personalization capabilities.

Pro Plus Plan – $12 per month

  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Advanced exam analytics.
  • Comparative performance reports.
  • Additional integrations.

Doctrina also offers customized enterprise plans for institutions. The Pro plan represents the best value, unlocking unlimited use of the Exam Generator.


Doctrina’s AI Exam Generator simplifies exam preparation for students while automating a traditionally tedious process for teachers. With customized, unlimited practice tests on demand and exam creation automation, Doctrina is transforming exam experiences.

Whether you’re looking to ace that next big test or make exam-setting easier this term, Doctrina’s innovative Exam Generator delivers the tools you need.

We encourage you to try it out and see firsthand how AI can make exam experiences more personalized, efficient, and empowering.

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