Why AniWave Not Working? How to Fix & Best Alternatives

By WaiP

Have you ever tried watching your favorite anime on AniWave, only to find out it’s not working? It’s disappointing, isn’t it?

In this guide, we’ll dive into why AniWave might be giving you trouble. We’re also going to talk about how you can fix these issues. And if you’re wondering what to do if AniWave just won’t work for you, don’t worry!

We’ll share some great alternatives to keep your anime marathon going. Let’s get started on solving this mystery and getting back to watching our beloved shows.

What is AniWave?

AniWave is a popular spot for anime lovers. It’s a website where you can watch a wide variety of anime shows, from the classics to the latest releases.

Whether you’re into action-packed adventures or heartwarming stories, AniWave has something for everyone. It’s like a treasure chest for anime fans, offering episodes and movies in easy-to-access formats.

Think of it as your go-to place for all things anime, where you can freely explore the vast world of Japanese animation without any hassle.

Why AniWave Not Working Now?

There could be several reasons why AniWave isn’t working for you right now. First, the website might be down for everyone.

This could happen if there’s a technical glitch or if they’re updating the site to make it even better. Another reason could be your internet connection. If it’s slow or unstable, AniWave might not load properly.

Sometimes, the problem could be with your device or web browser. Old software or incompatible browsers can also cause issues. Lastly, AniWave might be blocked in your country due to copyright laws or other regulations. This means the content isn’t allowed to be shown where you are.

How to Fix AniWave Not Working Issue

Fixing the AniWave not working issue can be straightforward. Here’s how you can tackle the problem:

  1. Check the Website Status: First, find out if AniWave is down for everyone or just you. You can use websites like DownDetector to see if others are having the same issue.
  2. Test Your Internet Connection: Sometimes, the problem is with your internet. Try loading other websites to see if they work. If not, restarting your router might help.
  3. Update Your Browser: Make sure your web browser is up to date. Older versions might not be compatible with AniWave. Go to your browser’s settings and check for updates.
  4. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: Sometimes, your browser stores too much data, which can cause websites to load incorrectly. Clearing your cache and cookies can fix this.
  5. Try Different Devices: If possible, try accessing AniWave on a different device. This can help you figure out if the issue is with your device.
  6. Use a VPN: If AniWave is blocked in your country, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help. A VPN lets you connect to the internet through a server in another country where AniWave isn’t blocked.
  7. Contact Support: If you’ve tried everything and AniWave still isn’t working, reach out to their support team. They might be aware of the issue and can give you more specific advice.

5 Best AniWave Alternatives

If AniWave isn’t working for you, don’t worry! Here are five fantastic alternatives where you can watch anime:

  1. Crunchyroll: This is one of the biggest anime streaming sites. It offers a vast library of anime series and movies, including the latest releases. Crunchyroll is perfect for those who want to stay up-to-date with their favorite shows.
  2. Funimation: Known for its impressive collection of dubbed anime, Funimation is great for those who prefer watching anime in English. It also has subtitled shows, making it a versatile choice for all anime fans.
  3. Netflix: While not exclusively for anime, Netflix has been expanding its anime collection, offering both classic series and exclusive originals. It’s a great option if you’re already subscribed.
  4. Hulu: Hulu might surprise you with its anime selection. It has a mix of popular series and exclusive titles. If you’re looking for variety, Hulu is worth checking out.
  5. Amazon Prime Video: Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video isn’t solely focused on anime but has a growing selection of anime titles. Prime members have access to both purchased and exclusive anime content.

These alternatives offer a range of options for every type of anime fan, ensuring you won’t miss out on your anime fix.

Is AniWave Safe to Use?

Yes, AniWave is generally safe to use, but with a few caveats. Like many free streaming sites, it relies on ads for revenue. Some of these ads can be intrusive or lead to less secure sites.

It’s essential to use a good ad blocker and have updated antivirus software to protect your device. Be cautious about clicking on ads and never download files from suspicious sources.

As long as you take these precautions, you can enjoy AniWave’s content without compromising your device’s safety.

FAQs: AniWave Not Working

  1. Can I watch anime on AniWave without creating an account?

    Yes, you can watch anime on AniWave without the need to create an account. This makes it easy for anyone to jump straight into watching their favorite shows.

  2. Are there any costs involved in using AniWave?

    AniWave is primarily a free service, offering a vast selection of anime without any subscription fees. However, like many free services, it is ad-supported.

  3. How often is AniWave’s anime library updated?

    AniWave updates its anime library regularly, adding new episodes and series shortly after they air in Japan. This makes it a great platform for keeping up with the latest anime.

  4. Can I use AniWave on my mobile device?

    Yes, AniWave is accessible on mobile devices through its website. While it may not have a dedicated app, the site is optimized for mobile browsers, allowing you to watch anime on the go.


Not being able to access AniWave can be frustrating, especially when you’re looking forward to watching your favorite anime.

However, with the tips we’ve shared, you can troubleshoot most problems on your own. Remember to check if the site is down, ensure your internet connection is stable, update your browser, clear cache and cookies, consider using a VPN, and try different devices.

If all else fails, reaching out to AniWave support can be your last resort. And if you’re in search of alternatives, there are plenty of other great anime streaming sites out there. Keep exploring, and happy watching!

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